Prayers for Texas

As I watch my hometowns ( yes Houston and Port Arthur) get hit, I cannot help but feel so extremely sad with this huge pit in my stomach. I want to cry and run home to help! But,  I am not home to help, I am well and alive in Cleveland with sunshine and perfect homes.  There is an emptiness surrounding me.  Growing up in Texas molds you differently from other places…  State pride is HUGE, family is HUGE, Texas is HUGE.  The state is you , you are the state.  No matter where you wonder in life , Texas lives in your soul.  Sounds so cheesy but it is true.  I am so very proud to see people come together and help each other in a way that proves we are one for all and all for one.  As the days go by and I watch my friends and families lives being ripped apart, I am seeing things are not me – less is more.  Change is happening all around us , whether we wanted it or not.  Be the best you, help those in need, be present.  As the say you can take the girl out of Texas but you can NEVER take Texas out of the girl!  #allforone #onelove #texasgirl f3dedaeaaa7eee387d7a59e4426cb080.jpg


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