Things I have learned ….

A friend of mine is writing a “Compendium of Knowledge” for his children about important things that they should know and should be taught.  He has asked everyone he knows to write things they feel are vital to living a happy life. This book will be given to each child when they turn 7, which is brilliant! It led me to write all the fantastic things I have been passed on down and walk down memory lane. So here goes …

I was taught that Sunday Dinner was a tradition, it was family time!  Home cooked Cajun/Soul food, Football on the tv while the women talked and drank sweet tea.

I was taught that every day you should call your loved ones just to say hello!  I called my grandmother, Tang, every single day on the way home from work.  We had the best conversations about, love, life, cooking, and even poops.  (LOL)  I would ask her so many questions about everything on Earth because I wanted to remember every single detail about her life so I could tell my grandchildren.  We had her write out all her recipes so we could have her handwriting to old onto forever.  She taught me to be kind, and thankful, as she grew up very poor and was so grateful for every single thing in life.  Every bit of food she ate she would say “this is the best food I ever ate” even if it was a plain old McDonald’s hamburger. She sure loved to eat and cook.  She always said take time to dance and laugh, and her laughter was contagious!

My father passed away when I was 23 years old, worst day of my life thus far.  I was thought about how selfish I was not making all the time the world to see my father.   I would rather hang out with my friends then with him at the time, I Know that is normal for a young adult but I cannot take it back now.  I should have tried harder.  He was the coolest guy I knew, and the most hilarious. He used to shoot fireworks at me and loved to scared the crap out of me , I still to this day also get a kick out of scaring people.  In this situation I learned a valuable lesson, keep your parents near.  You need them, even when they have driven you nuts to point of insanity, you need them.  I swear as you get older you need them more, and more too. Once they are gone they are gone.

Be kind to humans – and animals.  We are all here with a common goal, to live and be loved.  Hug people, hug animals, thank them , treat them with respect.

Friends — there will only be a few core friends who you hold onto for life, do not let petty things get in the way.

It is hard to say I am sorry or admit when your wrong. DO IT.  And mean it. It is also hard to ask for help, do it, it is humbling.  You are human, you will make mistakes.

Always be grateful and thankful for life!  Know that karma DOES exist, what you give you will get back.  Make good decisions.

Live hard, play hard, pray hard, love hard!  Laugh a lot!  And laugh super hard to wear it hurts.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Try interesting and new foods! Try foods from other cultures often.  Don’t be picky, no one enjoys picky eaters. Believe me you will so happy you gave everything one good college try!

Treat women with respect and demand the same respect in return.  We are equals.  Never be jealous, it is not attractive.

Travel. Breath in new places and cultures with effortless abandon.

Live in a place you never thought you could or would.

Buy the shoes, or  the dress ,or the car — YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Most of all be you, and do not apologize.


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